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We are excited to partner with REC100 for the oversight and collection of funds to further our mission to Lansing, East Lansing, and the Capital Area. See below for ways to get involved or donate.




Give in any amount, one time or on a recurring basis, under the restricted fund "Lansing, MI - St Barnabas".

We encourage people to share their gifts, ideas, and initiative for how to serve our community. If you would like to help in the liturgical or missional life of the parish, please contact us.

Please pray for us and our mission to Lansing. In addition, we invite you to tell others about us and to let us know if we can reach out to them.


We are a new church with an old soul, and a small church with a big appetite for mission. We are passionate about reaching Lansing, East Lansing, and the Capital Area with the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Gospel has implications for every part of life. If you are curious about exploring an Anglican "rule of life" as a path of discipleship and formation in Jesus Christ, then we would love to help you connect that to your overlapping areas of passion, gifting, community, and service. We want to serve refugees, the hungry, the homeless, and those who serve them. We are reaching out to students, faculty and staff at Michigan State University and Lansing Community College. We are developing in music, art, philosophy, and the education of youth. We are eager to serve young, old, and middle-aged from every walk of life. At St Barnabas Anglican Fellowship, there is a place for you both to belong and serve as God is calling you.

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